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Meet Stacie
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Who am I...the first thing that comes to mind is that first and foremost I am a wife, then a mom, a daughter, a sister and a photographer. I can't single any one trait out because all of these things together make up who I am. With all of the titles I am able to love because I was first loved. I enjoy the sweet moments in life, not necessarily the "big" moments. Don't get me wrong the "big" ones are amazing but the everyday is where the joy is created. When I hear my daughter laugh at her own knock knock joke, or my son showing me his completed Lego creation, my dog Gracie dropping her ball at my feet, and my husband squeezing me from behind while I'm in the kitchen. It's these moments that make me smile from ear to ear. I'm also a girly girl who loves all things pretty (I'm a hairstylist in case you didn't know that fun fact). I believe in buying a new lip-gloss or eye shadow if you need a little pick me up. Or the perfect pair of shoes to go with that one outfit. You will rarely find me in a dress but I do love a good reason to get dressed up. And most of all I love my life with my hubby. I especially love the nights when we get in our comfies (and possibly a plate of nachos) and watch a movie. This is my little world and I'm so thankful for it.