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On Saturday, June 30th, Stacie and I had the privilege of attending Sylvia and Andy’s Parker Ranch wedding. It was absolutely beautiful. Sylvia has been a friend since preschool. She has always been one of the sweetest, most sincere girls I have ever known. She is still the same, except she’s a woman now, and […]

Everyday, my beautiful wife Stacie climbs out of bed, sometimes as early as 6 a.m., with the sole purpose of loving, disciplining, and instructing our son towards the Lord. She makes him breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She changes diapers, clothes, and shoes. She cleans wounds, does laundry, straightens the house….everyday! She does this all with […]

Professional Photographer vs. Amateur Photographer: The ongoing debate that recently made the NY Times. This article, found here, was written during a time in which our industry is already facing some major changes. In a smaller circle, wedding photographers are currently involved in their own debate: A desire for TRUTH in our industry, which has […]

I feel like it would be appropriate to tell you a little about me and what my life has been like over the past couple years. It should provide incite into why I am entering the world of Wedding Photography. My life has been very similar to the image you see above. Though there have […]