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When Jarod and Ricki suggested taking their engagement photos at Hart Park, Stacie and I looked at each other and thought “here we go again” 🙂 We have photographed 3-4 couples here in the last month and were dreading seeing our images take the same form as the prior weeks! Much to our delight, some […]

This past Sunday, Stacie and I had the privilege of capturing Bryan and Whitney’s love and adoration for each other at the gorgeous Seven Oaks Country Club in Bakersfield! We were moved by the way they smiled at each other, the way she giggled at him, and the way they truly longed to be together. […]

It’s been too long! If you are a consistent reader or of our blog, we are sorry. Apparently it takes a good 11 days to adjust and adapt back to reality after an 11 day vacation in Cabo San Lucas 🙂 While we were on vacation, we posted a slideshow of Brett & Danielle’s engagement […]

On Thursday, we had the pleasure of driving Blake over to Santa Barbara  to meet up with his fiance Priscilla for their engagement session. Blake and Priscilla have been in school together since kindergarten. In 4th grade, these two little love birds both forgot to do their homework and were asked to leave the classroom. […]