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Alta Sierra Ski Resort Wedding: Anthony + Kirby

As I sit here and enjoy the thunderstorm that is currently happening, I am reminded of just a few weeks ago where we were praying fervently for rain and the “Shirley Cloud” to pass in time for Anthony and Kirby’s Alta Sierra Ski Resort Wedding to happen! Countless hours and days, even months of planning had occurred to ensure that this unique wedding could take place! This is the case with most weddings right??? Well, in most weddings, your bride doesn’t enter on a ski lift from hundreds of yards above in 40 degree weather. This wedding will always be one that Stacie and I treasure….not because of the unique details, the lanterns the girls carried in instead of the traditional flower bouquets, the beautiful facade that was built to act as an awesome ceremony backdrop, or the countless other awesome things that were planned out…….but we will treasure it because we had the opportunity to document this special families love. Because I can tell you about the conversations I had with a father ready to hand off his daughter, and I can tell you the trust in which Anthony extended when he talked about how excited he was to see his bride. I can tell you each one of the groomsman’s names and I can even tell you that I think about Brayce’s smile and sense of humor still, 3 weeks later. But most of all, I can tell you that I saw a godly man and an equally as godly woman, so excited to say I do, so kind to everyone, so devoted to their Lord and Savior and to his commandment to love his people and his word, and so willing to maneuver on chair lifts and climb up mountains for the sake of epic imagery….that we will forever be another couple that was extremely impacted by your faith and love for our creator. Thank you Ellis family and Anthony for making us both a part of the family 🙂

To our awesome team of vendors that we were extremely thankful to have worked alongside, especially on the side of a mountain, Thank you for helping us ensure that Anthony and Kirby’s day went off in spectacular fashion! Thank you to the amazing ladies at Fairy Godmother! Colleen, Reagan and Katie were amazing and really made sure that we were able to focus on documenting the day…the results are below for part one!! Reception to follow in a couple weeks. Stay Tuned.


Venue: Alta Sierra Ski Resort

Day of Coordinating: Fairy Godmother, a wedding and event company

DJ/MC: Kevin Rush Entertainment

Wedding Alteration: Sew Elegant – Mary Rita

Artist/ Vocals: Amy Adams

Photobooth: My Bakersfield Photobooths



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