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Bakersfield Engagement Photography: Andres + Leslie Arvin Cutoff Engagement

Last week, Stacie and I got to meet Andres for the first time! We had the pleasure of meeting his gorgeous fiance a few months back when she booked her Sycamore Canyon wedding with us for October 2012! After our first few months of wedding season, we were excited to connect with someone we have the privilege of photographing in the Fall as we are both super excited for this 108 degree weather to be long gone!!!! However, in order to get party favors ordered in time, we had to plug away in the heat one last time 🙂 Please enjoy the images that we were able to capture and major kudos to Andres and Leslie for not passing out on us 🙂

On a side note, let me say that I came away from this session extremely encouraged about how big our God is and thankful for the witness that his people are to Stacie and I! It was so challenging, yet encouraging to see the way that Andres served Leslie and the romantic he was with her. They often head to the cross to spend time star gazing and singing songs to her! (I sooooo wanted to put another smiley face there but realized I am going to flood this post with happy faces and my mom may have some critique for that.)  Please take a moment to enjoy their video at the end of the post.

Below is their slideshow featuring more images 🙂

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